Leather Jacket re-dying

by Tulsa Leather Care

Before During After

Mail in leather Jacket re-dying service: Mail in is easy. Most of the jackets that we receive to re-dye come from the US,  but we've received jackets to re-dye from  London England, and  Queensland, Australia.  

This White to Black request came to us from Manhattan N.Y. 


This lovely white Jacket had staining on it and we simply re-dyed it back to it's "pre stain" (new) condition. This lovely jacket was sent  to us from London England.

Long green jacket before re-dye   Long ladies leather jacket after re-dye Long leather jacket FRONT after re-dye to black
     Before                    Before                  After                      After
This beautiful long jacket lost it's usefulness in green, and so  it's was "re-purposed" to black.  It's back with it's owner, and on cold days it might be seen from time to time in down town Manhattan . Possibly around 42nd street ?

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